Each client has different needs to be covered. MINTRADA offers the most convenient option to each of them. The type of problems is enourmous. Some problems are solved quickly and some others require further investigation. Some problems are occasional, while some others appear frequently. Every situation has a proper solution.

MINTRADA has multiple solutions to cover the needs of the clients. These solutions are offered in different FORMS OF SERVICE.

consulta  Inquiry  
  Doubts, technical details, occasional questions, data processing help, mathematical tools, etc.





examplestudy  Report   
  We perform an analysis with the client's data and we deliver a report with the conclusions derived from the analysis.





Protocol2  Protocol

We select among different data processing solutions to provide a protocol of analysis to the client. Latter, the client can use the protocol on his/her own on other data of the same type.






software   Software

 In addition to designing a protocol of analysis, we also develop software to create specific applications (on different platforms: C, java, html) in order to automate the data analysis.






model   Model  

Mathematical models can simulate situations in different conditions. This allows us to evaluate hypothetical situations without taking any risk. We deliver a mathematical model to the customer, along with the software that implements it.



In addition, nom also offers:

    • Technical solutions for data collection and acquisition (what to measure and how to do it).
    • Training in the use of technical and scientific instrumentation (customized instructions for use, collection of FAQs).
    • Supervision and scientific consulting (critical reading and logical analysis).
    • Simplification of tedious calculations (in order to free up time).


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