MINTRADA provides solutions adapted to every problem. There are often multiple ways to solve a problem. The appropriate solution depends essentially on the specific needs of each client. MINTRADA finds that solution that fits the conditions required by the client. This includes solving the specific problem and delivering the solution in correct format (report, software, etc.).

Solutions may be related to Data Mining or Data Processing.

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Data Mining Solutions

What is Data Mining »

In Data Mining, there are some archetypal problems that appear in almost all projects. MINTRADA selects and adapts the available solutions to these problems for each client.



Data Processing Solutions

What is Data Processing »

In Data Processing, there are also archetypal problems iconic appearing in almost all projects.

  • Statistics Quantitatively describe the main features of a collection of samples.
  • Decomposition Separate measures to get their basic components. Distinguish signal from noise to find what the numbers hide.
  • Correlation | Regression Verify the relationship between two quantities and establish a mathematical law that describes it.
  • Optimization Adjust the parameters of a system to make a variable maximum (or minimum).